The distinctive look of The Powder Haus comes from a considerate combination of materials and textures.

The Alaskan Yellow Cedar siding is not only distinctive but is also the hardest known cedar in the world. Prized by boat builders for its exceptional resistance to weather and insects, the siding will continue to grey giving the haus an intentionally distressed look.

Form meets function through the extensive use of copper.  More than just an accent color, copper was used not only for its natural beauty but for its proven durability in the mountain environment. The copper doors, windows, chimney cap, flashing and fixtures will continue to weather and oxidize; a process that produces a self protective coating called a patina.

The prevalent use of indigenous, high sierra granite not only protects the haus from the elements but also creates a beautiful mosaic of color and craftsmanship. This stone styling is also enjoyed by the internal living spaces, most noticeably by the great room’s grand fire place.

"There is something peculiarly rural and domestic in the character of the Swiss farm-house. Their broad roofs, open galleries, and simple and bold construction are significant of strength and fitness... " A.J. Downing, The Architecture of Country Hauss, 1850

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